Social network Vigo has been in Brazil for a year, focusing on the Northeast

Social network Vigo has been in Brazil for a year, focusing on the Northeast By Wagner Wakka | June 28, 2019 at 2:10 pm

Vigo Vídeo, a platform for short video production, has been in Brazil for a year. The social network is very successful in northeastern Brazil and has more than 100 million downloads in the world today.

One of the famous ones to join Vigo recently was Lucas Lucco. In less than three weeks, the singer already has more than 15 thousand followers. Felipe Neto and Thayna Bitencourt are some of the celebrities who also surrendered to the application.

“The platform's objective is to encourage its users to create day-to-day videos. Through the slogan ‘Real people, real stories’, the company seeks to be an environment that leaves users at ease to share their lives, ”explains a note sent to the press.

In celebration, the company released the video O Vigo will applaud you, in which it brought together leading influencers in Rio de Janeiro. The production featured users of the platform and prominent influencers such as singers Alexsander Ducci, Enzo Paixão and Gabriella Abdelnur, barbecue Jean Reghine, makeup artist Pricila Agnês, dancer Bruna Pinheiro and digital influencer Ewerton Salvatore.

Our intention is that all people feel embraced, without distinction. We are a place where everyone can express themselves and be who they are ”, informs the company.

Currently, the app focuses on users of generation Z and millennials, with highlights for categories of music, comedy, gastronomy and lifestyle. The social network is present only in South America, Asia and the Middle East.

The app is free and works on Android and iOS devices.
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By Nathan Vieira | April 22, 2020 at 4:50 pm

When using social networks, many people follow the infamous digital influencers, looking for content that shows their lifestyle and inspires them in some way, even if it is to buy a certain product or bet on a certain brand. It turns out that these social media professionals have risen beyond comprehension, revolutionizing the entire market around us, and impacting different areas of our lives.

However, in the midst of this, some influencers stand out for their truly authentic content and for belonging to a minority that is not usually seen in other media, ending up without a voice. With that in mind, Canaltech decided to make a special with inclusive and inspiring influencers, who show their reality to the public and generate identification by other people who belong to the same minorities. In this case, we present a group that brings out stunting.

Stunting is just a detail. It is with this phrase that the influencer and model Rebeca Costa has been breaking taboos and showing a little more of her reality. Last year, she paraded at São Paulo Fashion Week and toured Brazil with motivating lectures. In an interview with Canaltech, Rebeca says that the idea of ​​using social networks as a space to bring dwarfism on the agenda began in 2015. Right at the beginning of her communication channels, the intention was to show dwarfism in a real and positive way, showing all the battles in a light and non-derogatory way.

"Without laughter, comedies and also without negativity, without the sad air. I want to show my life as it is. I let life bring me obstacles and challenges in a natural way. The looklittle today demands a lot of time, team and always thinks about giving as gifts society with useful information on this topic ", the digital influencer says.

Asked if, even with this phrase of dwarfism being just a detail, people usually summarize their personality to dwarfism, without paying attention to other information about their life, Rebeca says: "Dwarfism is a type of disability that exposes our height, and the first thing people notice about us is height. It is something that is evident. When I say that dwarfism is a detail, it is because we who have dwarfism are more than our size, we are not described by a number, we go beyond that. I have dwarfism. It is part of me, but it is not my whole. It is like my beauty, personality, principles and the like ".

Then, Rebeca talks about how she perceives the impact of her influence on other people with dwarfism, and what it feels like to inspire and generate identification in these people: "This is what motivates me to continue. Every day I receive testimonials of people who started to recognize their identity, which was destroyed by all the socialism. The impact is daily and every day I am shocked, happy, surprised ... and I never tire of exchanging these healthy experiences ".

The content creator still reiterates: "People think that I add to their lives when in fact it is added to my life. I am the one who became a better woman when I crossed the path of these people. I feel honored to see them share my testimonials and this has a very positive impact on me ".

However, if on the one hand there are a range of people who support the work of the influencer and open their minds to differences, others use the space provided for comments to trigger negative and prejudiced statements in their publications. Even so, Rebeca does not let herself be shaken. "The positive charge is so great that these types of comments become invisible. There is much more fetish for women with dwarfism than negativism. You exhale to the world what you are full of and get it back, and I am proud to say that I get good things ", he reveals.

Rebeca Costa believes that social networks have collaborated with the reduction of prejudice against people who have dwarfism and brought more information, precisely because people who lived hidden in society are exposing themselves to help people who do not meet. "One of the reasons I found myself was exactly to make girls who were not in digital influencers share these experiences with me, and feel more accepted. My work was born to demystify the heavy influence of a feminine pattern", model lectures.

On the other hand, Rebeca makes an alert, when asked if there are applications, devices or technological innovations that help people with dwarfism in everyday tasks, she is emphatic: "There are none. Everything related to dwarfism is theoretical, not practical. Even the laws stop coming off paper. There is a law here in Niterói where politicians prefer to pay fines for demoting ATMs than actually comply with that law. There are not many resources for people with dwarfism, let alone technology applications " , shoot.

Rebeca says that she turned her hobby (social media) into a profession in order to create a light at the end of the tunnel for girls who did not feel represented. "I wanted to be a mirror in a healthy way and show that they are unique. They don't have to be the same as me, they have to value their own identity. My main goal is to deconstruct everything they thought dwarfism was, to demystify the guesswork and conceptualize in a healthy and real way what it represents. Just one detail. Show that we are ordinary human beings and break taboos, make respect as a basis and bring empathy. The idea is to reconstruct the meaning of what stunting is for society " .

The influencer and humorist Mateus Baptistella shares the same point of view as Rebeca when he says, right in his Instagram bio, that stunting is just a detail. On his page, entitled Virei Adult, Mateus unites more than 1 million followers.

Regarding the process of transforming social networks into his profession, Mateus says that it just happened, without pretension. "Actually, it happened naturally, I use instagram since it appeared in 2011, and at the beginning I remember posting landscape photos, and with the time I was changing the content by posting look photos. That's when the first opportunity to advertise came ".

Mateus says that people usually summarize his personality a lot to stunting, without paying attention to other information about his life. "An example is when they don't know my name. They never call me by the color of my hair, or they simply call me by the male gender. People always say 'there's a little dwarf waiting', 'he's a dwarf', or 'Hey, dwarf ! Come here '", observes the content creator.

"People always pre-judge us by our size, and think that we have no capacity for anything because we are short. But with social networks they realize that we have a normal life, just like them, we work, date, have children and take a common life ", he says.

Despite this, Mateus sees a great impact of his influence on other people with dwarfism. "There was a really cool case once: a mother, during pregnancy, discovered that her son was going to have dwarfism, and she was desperate. Then a friend indicated my Instagram to her, and she started to follow me and realize that I am a normal person, work, study, I go out with friends and the main thing: I'm happy! Then, in my honor, she put her name on Mateus' son ", recalls the influencer.

Before being an influencer, Mateus says he always liked the actor Peter Dinklage, who plays Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones. The actor also has dwarfism, and has been a member of several Hollywood productions, such as X-Men: Days of Future Past, for example. "I think he's incredible and I even joke that I'm his son".

Finally, Mateus tells us how important it is to break taboos and show people that stunting is just one of many aspects that involve someone: "For me, the main importance is to show people that I am normal, and that my size doesn’t define who I am, because what really matters is my character, my heart.

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By Rubens Eishima | April 22, 2020 at 3:30 pm

To make life easier for those who like to follow the repercussions of their tweets, Twitter started testing the display of retweets with quotes on their cell phones. The revelation was made by application specialist Jane Manchun Wong (on her Twitter account, of course).

The new retweet display separates posts made with comments from those that just forwarded the post on iOS, but on Android only displays the posts with comments.

The novelty helps to find comments made by other profiles when retweeting your publications: instead of having to visit the profile of the accounts that shared your publication on the social network, everything will be in the notifications section of the app.

The feature is currently being tested and is not expected to be available to all users. It is also not possible to know if the novelty will have different presentations depending on the operating system or if Twitter will use only one of the solutions.

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By Rubens Eishima | April 22, 2020 at 12:43 pm

Available in few markets until yesterday, Facebook Messenger Kids was officially launched for Brazil and other countries. The application is a special version of the Facebook chat service aimed at children, with monitoring by parents or guardians.

The program includes text, audio and video communication, and virtually all of its features have the option of parental control. Along with making the app available to more countries, Facebook announced some news for the service.

One of the concerns of parents is with whom their children talk on social networks. In addition to the option to control and approve all friend requests, the app offers the option of giving more freedom to children, who can accept or add contacts on their own. In this case, new orders trigger a notification to those responsible, who can monitor the new additions to the “Parent Dashboard”.

Facebook consulted experts to develop the communication given to children about monitoring, which is mentioned on the friend request screen.

Guardians of the children will also have the option of appointing another adult to help the child with their Facebook connections. The tool was designed for teachers and other instructors, especially for the formation of groups in the application. Although the release is made by an authorized person, those responsible will also be notified with each new contact, with the option to manage the list on their panel.

Before blocked by default, the display of the child's photo and name may be released to friends of the contacts, children of friends of those responsible and children of people invited by those responsible for the application.

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By Writing | April 14, 2020 at 8:20 am

The internet is an unsafe environment for those who do not know where they are or do not have the right tools to protect themselves. Everywhere, there are virtual plagues that try to steal your data or infect your devices, tracking systems that collect what you access to display targeted ads or systems that redirect traffic where you don't want to go. These are threats that Spod VPN & amp; Web filter seems quite capable of coping.

“Security, privacy and anonymity without complications” is the slogan of the application for Android, iOS and macOS that delivers protection to users with just one click. The idea is not only to provide more security in everyday navigation, but also to protect people from crawlers and malware from a firewall that prevents obtaining data for displaying advertisements and installing malicious solutions.

Basically, a VPN (or virtual private network, in the acronym in English), is a system that brings more protection to data transmitted by the user. Instead of the information going through the usual internet paths, they pass through protected and encrypted tunnels, which, in the process, are also able to hide the user's IP address and identification or location data, making browsing anonymous and much safer .

When using a VPN, the user is protected not only from navigation trackers and security agencies, but also intruders infiltrating unprotected wireless networks, who may try to intercept the data being trafficked over it. Internet providers and telephone operators will also not be able to see the data of users, who start using the internet effectively anonymously.

Anyone who sees the above explanation should imagine a complicated system, but in the case of Spod VPN & amp; Web filter, just one click and everything starts to work. Once the software is installed on macOS or Android or iOS smartphone, the user only needs to give the necessary permissions for the application to start working and the user to browse a protected connection.

Spod VPN & amp; Web filter offers two servers to protect the user. The first is located in Brazil and can be an alternative for those looking for more security and minimum latency, with reduced physical distance and the possibility of use even in online games. The second is in the United States and guarantees even more anonymity to connections, in addition to allowing access to content unavailable in our territory, for example.

One of Spod VPN & amp; Web filter is the fact that the service does not have a use fee. Even during the free trial period, in which new users have a month to try the service and test all its features, there is no restriction on use, with protection being guaranteed at all times, even when accessing more content. demanding in terms of bandwidth.

Another highlight of Spod VPN & amp; Web filter is your firewall that works alongside the connection anonymity systems and guarantees additional protection for users. The system makes users' browsing safer by blocking trackers and detecting online threats, which can do additional damage to smartphone and computer users.

In the first case, we are talking about systems that collect data from users for advertising purposes. At all times, and even when using other applications, trackers are obtaining data and sending it to third parties, who build a portfolio based on usage habits, content preferences, geographic location and other elements that make up the online browsing experience. . From there, personalized ads are displayed on websites and social networks.

In real time, Spod VPN & amp; Web filter is able to block the operation of these solutions and make browsing the web fully secure. The same goes for the solution, which does not require registration or collect any information from the user, precisely as a way of guaranteeing the privacy and anonymity of those who use it. All billing for subscriptions, for example, is done by the systems of Apple and Google, and those responsible for the service use random credentials for each subscription, having no access to any data from their customers.

The ability to detect online threats protects users from malware and spyware, in addition to phishing attacks. In real time, Spod VPN & amp; Web filter analyzes the websites accessed and downloaded files in search of potentially malicious solutions that can, for example, use the victim's computer to mine cryptocurrencies or install themselves on the cell phone to obtain personal and banking data that can be used in fraud.

Here simplicity stands out again, with notifications alerting the user whenever they are protected from potentially dangerous content. In the application, it is also possible to access security logs, with the list of scanners and threats blocked by the real-time scan.

All new users of Spod VPN & amp; Web filters have free and unrestricted access in the first month to test all the possibilities of the service and the protection against malware and online crawlers. Then, the application subscription starts to cost R $ 25.90 per month, with an annual payment option with 16% discount, leaving for R $ 21.66 per month (totaling R $ 259.90 per year).

Be sure to protect yourself and test Spod VPN & amp; Web filter on macOS, iOS and Android.
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