Portuguese and Spanish sardine fisheries organizations meet today in Vigo

Portuguese and Spanish sardine fisheries organizations meet today in Vigo Diário do Minho - Daily newspaper with regional information and Christian inspiration.
Portuguese and Spanish sardine fisheries organizations meet today in Vigo
To claim greater catch of sardines.

The representative organizations of sardine fisheries in Portugal and Spain are meeting today in Vigo, Spain, to claim the extension of the catch possibilities to more than 20 thousand tons this year, following the latest scientific results.

“The main objective of this meeting is to unite all efforts to ensure that the sardine fishing possibilities in 2019 are urgently adjusted, taking into account the very positive evolution of the sardine stock in 2018 and 2019 and the commitments made by the governments of Portugal and Spain to revise the initial limit of 10,799 tonnes according to the scientific data now released ”, indicated, in a statement released on Friday, the National Association of Organizations of Fisheries Producers of the Siege (ANOP Cerco) .

According to these scientific data, cited by the association, and taking into account the exploration rule that the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES, in its acronym in English) considers as the most appropriate to guarantee the recovery and sustainability of the resource da sardinha, “the quantity for the year 2019 is 20,438 tons”, corresponding to about 6,800 tons for Spain and about 13,600 for Portugal.

However, this figure is below that indicated by ANOP Cerco at the end of July (22,980 tons).

“The urgency of this decision on fishing opportunities in 2019 is reinforced by the ban on catching sardines throughout the Cantabrian and Northwest of the Peninsula, since last July 16th and the serious economic and social consequences that resulted from that decision, particularly in the Galicia, where the dependence of the siege fleet on sardines is more significant ”, reads the document.

At the meeting, sardine producers in Spain and Portugal will also comment on “the recent intention of the Portuguese government to increase the possibility of fishing in 2019 to 13,500 tons, which has not yet reached the necessary consensus for its formalization”.

This meeting will also analyze the most recent documents associated with sardine fishing, namely the scientific data relating to spring 2019 cruises, the opinion of the South Western Waters Advisory Council (SOUTH CC) on the 2019 fishing possibilities for Iberian sardines , the final report of the ICES meeting on the Multiannual Plan for the Management and Recovery of Sardine (2018-2023) and the respective recommendation.

On August 1, the Government increased the fishing quota for sardines by 25%, which will allow fishermen to capture another 4,000 tonnes this year and maintain their fishing until October, as recently announced by the Minister of the Sea, Ana Paula Vitorino.

“Biomass grew by 24% and we made the decision to increase the quota by 25%”, said the Minister of the Sea, Ana Paula Vitorino, estimating that this increase in the quota will allow “to keep sardine fishing until October”.

The data provided by the governor, in Peniche, point to “an increase of 1,800 tons” of sardines that fishermen will be able to fish more than the estimated quota of 2,181 tons, which they could catch, starting in August.

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