Mariusz Stępiński in the crosshairs of Italian clubs and Celta Vigo

Mariusz Stępiński in the crosshairs of Italian clubs and Celta Vigo

1. Juventus Turin (63 points) 2. Lazio Rome (62 points) 3. Inter Milan (54 points) 4. Atalanta Bergamo (48 points) 5. AS Roma (45 points) 6. SSC Napoli ( 39 points) 7. AC Milan (36 points) 8. Verona FC (35 points)


Mariusz Stępiński failed to save Chievo Verona from relegation from Serie A, but the Polish striker presented himself successfully in the Italian Premier League and attracted the attention of many clubs and not only in Italy.

Stępiński spent the last two seasons in & nbsp; Chievo, first as a loan player from & nbsp; Nantes, and last summer he was bought out by an Italian club for 2.5 million euros. Chievo did a good deal, because after a successful season for him individually, his valuation increased to around five million euros.

The Pole played in 35 Serie A matches, scored six goals and & nbsp; added two assists. His contract is expected to be valid until June 2021, but all indications are that he will leave the team who are waiting to play in the back room of the Premier League.

Earlier, information appeared that Italian clubs such as Brescia, Udinese and Parma are interested in acquiring Stępiński. Z & nbsp; turn, claims that a Pole would also like to bring Sampdoria, but it may turn out to be difficult due to the great interest of a Polish footballer.

Italian and & nbsp; Spanish media claim that the Polish striker can change the league and move to the Primera Division because his transfer is interested in the authorities of Celta Vigo who are looking for the successor of Maximiliano Gomez. Uruguayan is in the crosshairs of Valencia, but the British media argue that he will go to London West Hamu United.

Stępiński's goal! Another good Polish performance (ELEVEN SPORTS PHOTOS). VIDEO Eleven Sports
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