Graziella Vigo's gaze on Italian fashion, photographic exhibition

Graziella Vigo's gaze on Italian fashion, photographic exhibition Genoa -
In the context of the Genoese October in Giglio Bagnara, an exhibition will open on Thursday 24 October 2019 at 18.00

photographic dedicated to the faces that have marked fashion, art and international culture from the 60s to today, portraits

by one of the most brilliant Italian photographers of all time: Graziella Vigo. The exhibition edited by Electa and exhibited at the headquarters

by Giglio Bagnara in via Sestri 46, is curated by the Italian-Japanese studio Veronesi Namioka Bologna - Tokyo and created
thanks to the precious collaboration with Week End Max Mara, lifestyle line of the well-known brand of the Max Mara holding
Fashion Group is focused on the "formally informal" style and on the "deluxe utility". third floor of Palazzo
Lomellini, headquarters of Giglio Bagnara, from 24 October to 15 November.
Genoa -
Professional journalist, fashion editor, independent photographer forever and ever, Graziella Vigo, portrait painter of
world-renowned, he told fashion, art and entertainment through his images in an original and innovative way,
so much to be the only Italian photographer present at the documentation of the "IV World Conference on Women" of
Genoa -
On the occasion of the Genoese October, 50 of his most important works will be made available to the general public in
Portrait, an exhibition that celebrates this talented artist, winner of the Ambrogino d’oro for her fashion career

and for his social commitment in India and the Bellisario Foundation award "for the creativity and creative genius with which he has

has been able to gain an international reputation that gives credit to female and Italian talent in modern art ".
Many faces that are portrayed in the shots, including those of Giorgio Armani, Miuccia Prada, Tom Ford, Andy Warhol
and some famous Hollywood faces, inspired by Vigo's stay in New York, where he specialized in the International
Center of Photography I.C.P ..
"Living with simplicity and thinking with greatness" is the creed of Graziella Vigo, and this exhibition will certainly demonstrate

how masterful she is in making our world big through a small goal. On the same day, at 4.30 pm, once again at the Giglio Bagnara venue, Michele Masiano, a Vigevanese singer who moved to Genoa at an early age, sestrese in the blood and a myth of rock throughout the peninsula in the 1960s, reveals the contents of his first face to face with the city that has welcomed and raised it since childhood.

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