Dog stolen in Valença was found in Vigo

Dog stolen in Valença was found in Vigo Animal was stolen and abandoned in neighboring country

A dog that was stolen in Valença was located in a store in Vigo, Galicia, last Friday, and returned to the owner, owner of a restaurant in that municipality.

The dog, of the English bulldog breed, was stolen in the restaurant and taken in a vehicle to the neighboring country, and was later abandoned. Two young men found the animal and took it to a store in the Galician city, according to the Faro de Vigo newspaper.

The owner of the dog had already notified the GNR of the disappearance of the dog, which was located in Vigo by the Unidad Medioambiental de Intervención Rural (UMIR).

The animal, described as healthy, well cared for and fed, was identified through the microchip and returned.
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The covid-19 screening center in Valença started operating today in the spaces surrounding the Old Customs.

In a press release, the municipality clarifies that the center has the capacity to perform up to 30 tests per day and the procedures to be followed.

The tests will only be carried out by presenting the prescription of the doctor of the National Health Service (family doctor of the local Health Center), being free for the user, or by medical request from a private health institution, which, in these cases, it will have costs for the user, that is, it does not have any contribution from the SNS.

Patients are scheduled by receiving an SMS with the time to attend the center and move around following the instructions of health technicians. The test results, after analysis, are sent directly to the patient, the doctor and the public health authorities.

The screening center is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 9 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 4 pm.
This is an initiative of ULSAM - Alto Minho Local Health Unit and the Municipality of Valença.

The Mayor of Valença, Manuel Rodrigues Lopes, considers that “this center intends to provide a close response to Valença and the Vale do Minho in carrying out diagnostic tests, so important at this time to stop the proliferation of this pandemic”.

After 10 years in Caminha, Ricardo Esteves, known as the “biker priest”, debuted this weekend in the parishes of Valença that will be responsible, and filled the places.

The priest celebrated the first mass in Boivão, when he even made a small gaffe when changing the name of Valença for Caminha, without disturbing the assistance at all.

Father Ricardo Esteves was parish priest in the parishes of S. Martinho de Lanhelas, Sta. Eulália de Vilar de Mouros and S. Pedro de Seixas for four years, and despite a petition with about 1900 signatures asking for permanence, the reverend was transferred to the parishes of Divino Salvador de Gandra, Sta Marinha de Taião, S. Félix de Sanfins, S. Tiago de Boivão and S. Cristóvão de Gondomil, in the archbishop of Valença.

The parish priest, famous for enjoying riding a motorcycle, going to the gym and going out at night, was eager to start new projects and said that he brings the old parishes to heart.

During the Boivão Mass, the parish priest assured that “I am not here to change anything, I am here to give a little better and to help you in whatever is necessary”.

Father Ricardo Esteves was replaced by Father Manuel Joaquim Rodrigues Pinto in Caminha.
The last major fair on the annual calendar of the Northwest Peninsular

The Fair of Saints of Cerdal, in Valença, considered the last major pilgrimage fair in the annual calendar of the Northwest Peninsular, will be held again on November 1st and 2nd, informed the local Chamber today.

The secular fair in Valença, “which appears documented in 1758 as a point of confluence of Portuguese and Galicians, attracts every year“ thousands of visitors from the two neighboring regions ”.

About 400 exhibitors “sell everything from clothing, crockery, footwear, cattle, products from the countryside, agricultural machinery, and the fair also has traditional taverns, amusement parks and other initiatives.

On the 1st of November, the Feira dos Santos will take place and on the 2nd, the Trade Fair, which, as the name implies, allows the exchange of products purchased the day before that for some reason did not serve.

Says the tradition that on the nights of October 31 and November 1, the Feira dos Santos is the destination to taste new wines and taste local snacks. In the taverns liven up the nights, to the sound of the concertinas and the songs of stray.

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